Charlottesville Roof Cleaning

Does your roof have black streaks or brown streaks running from top to bottom? Charlottesville Roof Cleaning can help.

These streaks are actually mold, algae and mildew on the surface of your shingles. This not only makes your roof look old, but it can take years off the life of your roof. The algae and mildew retains moisture underneath it. This increases your energy costs by reducing the reflective qualities of your roof as well as destroying the shingle underneath by loosening the grit on the shingle surface.

Charlottesville Roof CleaningCharlottesville Roof Cleaning

Charlottesville Roof Cleaning - Do I need a re-roof?

Many Charlottesville Roof Cleaning customers believe they needed a complete reroof. Let Charlottesville Roof Cleaning handle your roof cleaning project and provide a free inspection of your shingle surface. We have the ability to restore your roof back to like new condition and color.  If we believe that you need a re-roofing job we won’t clean it.  We will tell you honestly our observations and assessment of your roof.

Proper roof restoration requires specialized chemicals. The chemicals Charlottesville Roof Cleaning uses are environmentally friendly and will not harm your pets, plants or children but they will kill the mildew mold and algae on your roof surface.

Charlottesville Roof Cleaning - can’t I do it myself?

It’s not a job for the weekend warrior or a homeowners pressure washer. Charlottesville Roof Cleaning uses hot water and low pressure in our system. Our hot water washing system is designed to use no more than 100 PSI. This ensures no damage will be done to your roof during the cleaning process. You can trust the experienced professionals of Charlottesville pressure washing company to provide and deliver results you will be proud of.  Don’t let an inexperienced company clean your roof.  They will destroy the life expectancy of your roof by using the wrong chemicals or cold water applied at high pressure.  This will blast the granules or grit from the shingle face and significantly decrease your roofs life.

Roof cleaning and restoration prices are done by on-site quotation only. The size of the job, pitch of the roof and the severity of the stains all play a role in the final pricing.

We are fully insured and experienced to handle your Charlottesville Pressure Washing needs.

We service and pressure wash all Charlottesville areas including Glenmore, Dunlora, Forest Lakes, Preddy Creek, Foxcroft, Fontana and Lake Monticello.

Call or e-mail Charlottesville Roof Cleaning to get your free no obligation quotation today!