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Hardy plank siding and vinyl siding will naturally start to look green, brown, black, grayand faded over time. Generally the north facing side of the house is affected worst. This is caused by less sunlight getting to that side of the house. Other factors are trees causing shaded areas and weather. In Charlottesville Virginia if you don’t like our weather wait a minute! Rain and snow causes our houses to look dirtyand grow algae, mildew and mold on the exterior surfaces this is where Charlottesville House Washing excel. Some of our customers have believed they needed to repaint their whole house. This is where we at Charlottesville House Washing come in! We can safely clean and eliminate those ugly looking stained green areas.

Charlottesville House WashingCharlottesville House Washing

Charlottesville House Washing - What is that Green stuff?

The green coloring on your siding that you can see is mold and mildew. The brown areas are a different type of mold that requires a specific chemical to remove it. Don’t worry we have the expertise to safely clean brown mold too!

Many of our customers own their own pressure washer but choose to let Charlottesville House Washing clean their house as we have specific, industry leading environmentally friendly chemicals that will quickly and effectively bring your siding and paint work back to like new. Our specialist equipment allows us to stay on the ground when we wash your house. Charlottesville House Washing has special machines and nozzles that cost thousands of dollars to ensure our safety when washing your house. The other secret we have here atCharlottesville pressure washing company is the ability to not streak your windows after washing your house. Other companies do not know the proper mix of cleaning agents to clean and shine your windows. These are techniques that take years to perfect. Charlottesville pressure washing company has been proudly serving this area for the past 10 years with thousands of satisfied customers.

Call or e-mail for pricing to wash your house. The size of the project, height and severity of discoloration are factors that play a role in the final price.

We also clean brick and stone façade on the exterior of your house.

Will Charlottesville House Washing damage my house?

No. Charlottesville House Washing uses an industry proven low-pressure washing system using a high output of water at very low pressures to ensure no damage is done to your property or your house. Charlottesville House Washing chemicals are environmentally safe, will not hurt your plants, siding, window screens, pets or family. A typical homeowners pressure washer will have an output of 1 to 2 gallons per minute at 4500 PSI. Our units use 5 gallons of water per minute at only 100 PSI. The secret in our ability to safely pressure wash your house is hot water. Our pressure-washing unit is equipped with a hot water heater. Chemicals mix better, and mold mildew and algae is killed quicker using hot water. The machines we are currentlyusing cost over $5000 to buy.

Charlottesville House WashingCharlottesville House Washing

What does this mean to the homeowner?

We can clean your house more efficiently with less mess and fuss! Charlottesville House Washing systems are proven in the thousands of houses we have cleaned in the Charlottesville Virginia area. Charlottesville Pressure Washing guarantees a clean; mold and mildew free surface when we are finished.

Charlottesville House Washing services and pressure wash all Charlottesville areas including Glenmore, Dunlora, Forest Lakes, Preddy Creek, Foxcroft, Fontana and Lake Monticello. Charlottesville House Washing Contact Us